Dive deep within yourself to find true center.


Experiences for individuals and groups interested in developing a deeper relationship with Nature are offered through my work. From monthly outdoor circles that encourage deep listening to day-long solo guided retreats and weekend group retreats, there are many ways to go deeper with Nature, with yourself. Perhaps sacred travel speaks to your soul or maybe a guided study. Here you will find various ways to go deeper into your process of healing, of listening to Nature. Dive in…the water’s awesome!


Drumming, singing, meditation, guided meditations and sharing from the heart all encourage deep listening. I’ve facilitated circles for nearly 30 years. The community we build includes our ancestors and nature spirits. As we work with the ancestors–all those who have come before us, including non-humans–we cultivate gratitude as we join together.

In addition to drumming, playing of crystal bowls and a gong sound bath at the end of our time together allow us to go deeper into experience and connection with our guides, teachers and with the ultimate teacher…Nature.

Participants and guests must confirm attendance prior to the Circle. This is held on private property. Because this is sacred ceremony, no alcohol or other drugs are allowed. When possible the circles are held outdoors so dress appropriately and bring a chair or blanket for seating. There is no charge for these gatherings; however, donations are always appreciated.

“The energy is always amazing and I leave feeling clear and ready for life!!”–Ollie

“The circles have fed my soul and lifted my spirits for several years now….Simone’s leadership style, poetry and deep thoughts on life and Mother Earth are profound and inspiring. She is my sister in spirit whose soul resides both in the mountains and the sea.” –Melissa

Guided Meditations

Taking a few minutes each day to sit in stillness can aid us in maintaining balance. The mind needs time to connect deeply with our core to have integration of inner and outer experiences. Even a few minutes of simply breathing and following breath can have profound calming effects and can refresh us to be more effective in our lives.

Below are guided meditations that are available for use free of charge and can be downloaded from Soundcloud via the links below. Donations can be made by clicking here.

Guided Relaxation

Ocean Healing

Stream & Crystal Bowls

Peace Meditation

Gratitude Meditation

Individual Consultations

I specialize in working with individuals who have deep grief, anxiety and fear about the climate crisis on our beloved Mother Earth. For individuals wishing to deepen their relationship with Nature, and thus with their own soul, individual consultations are a great way to begin or continue the passage inward.  The focus of my consultations is working in partnership with Nature and those wishing to strengthen their healing journey. Mythical themes are explored and intuitive guidance consulted during these meetings. Shamanic facilitation and deep connection to Nature form the platform for this transformational, deeply spiritual work.

Consultations can be a one-time experience or a regularly scheduled appointment online or in person. For those interested in consultation, a form will be sent asking for basic information about your goals for our time together after booking your appointment.

This isn’t counseling or psychotherapy and shouldn’t be a substitute for those needing that level of support.

To schedule a consultation please email me to set up the appointment and then prepay using this link.

Deepening with Nature Guided Study

This series of guided study includes self-paced modules of learning. A one-on-one consultation may be added at a discounted rate for each module.

The launch for this will be on the summer Solstice 2019.