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The Sacred in the Small

Yesterday the river was clear enough from recent rains to get out and enjoy a nice SUP board paddle. Recent Read More →


As I worked in the yard clearing, cleaning, trimming dead plants after the polar vortex put a deep freeze on Read More →

Wildlife….Two Sides of a Story

Today I received a text from my friend and sea turtle team leader than one of our nests had been Read More →

When Beauty Makes Me Weep

I didn’t set an alarm clock this morning. Making another sunrise shoot wasn’t something I had planned to do. But Read More →

Pigs are Not Domesticated and May Bite

There is a certain place on the highway toward the mountains where the forest opens up and there are the Read More →


Last summer I spent nights sitting under a blanket of black sky twinkling with white stars. The sound of waves Read More →

From Bog to Beach

The crisp dawn air was a shock. What happened to spring? But soon the chill was forgotten as I found Read More →

The Wild Wind

As I walked through the neighborhood this morning, wind was gusting outrageously. I was listening to music on my iPod Read More →

Love’s Grooves

Each morning, as I walk my SUP board to the small river beach, I greet a beautiful, old cedar tree Read More →

The Questions We Ask

Yesterday I watched a news video relating the story of a family that abused a baby manatee. By abuse I Read More →