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Blue Heaven

In Three Sisters Spring, a highly-visited spring in central Florida by manatees and people watching manatees, there are areas set Read More →

The Connection

Floating motionless in the water I waited. She must have felt my invitation as she slowly turned and swam toward Read More →


The clock proclaimed sunrise but heavy clouds hung close so dawn’s light was slow to brighten the day. Silently I Read More →

Honoring Magnolia & Manatees

Volunteering for the love of manatees is amazing and life-changing experience. Thank you community of Magnolia Springs, Alabama! You are Read More →


I sit drinking hot tea while listening to bowhead whale song. It touches that place in me where wildness resides, Read More →

Snuggling with Manatees

Whistling wings of a cormorant flying over distracted me from watching the osprey perched on the sailboat mast. The quiet Read More →

Goodbye to a Friend

The bubbles switched direction as our group of twelve individuals sent our love and gratitude with each breath directed into Read More →

Magnolia River Manatees

Click on the photo to watch a short video about our rescues.  

Let Your Little Light Shine

Joni Mitchell sings in her song Shine, “Oh, let your little light shine….Shine on rising oceans and evaporating seas, Shine Read More →

All Creatures Great and Small

Gusts were bringing in the cold front and chilly temperatures ¬†as I stood barefoot on my SUP board. What am Read More →