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Golden Crown of French Grunts

I hung motionless in the turquoise water, silently witnessing a living, golden crown adorning a beautiful growth of elk horn Read More →

A Personal Odyssey

As I floated in the fresh, blue-tinted spring water I gazed into a sea of green leaves outlined by cerulean Read More →

No Ego Needed

The weekend before the New Year found me in Cave Country–North Florida–once again. I was drawn there to take a Read More →

Angels Among Us

Over 28 years ago I was sitting in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee. Going through a major upheaval in my Read More →

A Scuba Sort of Day

I’m not sure what the stars are doing or what planets are aligned where but today has been a day Read More →

Manta Madness

Rumor had it that there was a rogue manta ray swimming around dive sites in Bonaire. The ocean is a Read More →

A Little Shark Love

Sharks have been in the news lately. Or perhaps the lack of sharks has been in the news. It is Read More →

The Seeds We Plant

As the elliptical trainer whirled and my heart rate increased, my mind calmed. This rainy morning forced an indoor workout Read More →

Land-Locked No More!

Awakening in the black of pre-dawn, I stood up and immediately missed the gentle rocking of the ocean. Sitting at Read More →

Diary of a Wild Heart–Part Seven

One of the things I love about diving Bonaire is the house reef in front of resorts is always a Read More →