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Best Workout Buddy

Stanley Kubrick is an awesome friend. His charm and devilish good looks would steal any woman’s heart. And to make Read More →

Motivation to Move

The engine of the car idling a few feet from my head brought me back to the present moment. I Read More →

Shama Lama Ding Dong

Precious little Willie Fay. Petit, wide-ass open, a ball of energy dressed in multi-colored fur. This is my friend, my Read More →

Wille Fay

Meet Willie Fay. Her story touched my heart and I couldn’t help but invite her into my home. Over three Read More →

The Story of Stanley Kubrick….The Cat

Stanley Kubrick came into my life on June 22nd, 2011. I visited PetSmart in Asheville as I wanted to give Read More →

Catnip Mania

My two darlings are delighted that two large hanging planters are growing their favorite treat. These bountiful baskets have become Read More →

For the Love of Animals

I grew up having tea time with my friend Bridget, a beagle. Our ‘cake’ was Bridget’s biscuits. Milkbone makes a Read More →

To Be a Bromeliad Farmer….or Vulture Goddess?

I awakened to soft thuds overhead. Cat play on carpet. I had been dreaming of a white vulture soaring overhead Read More →

I am a Cat Bed

From Stanley Kubrick’s point of view my purpose in life is to keep him cuddly-warm and cozy when he sleeps. Read More →