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Patience….Faith…Hope for the Planet

On the spiritual path it is said that once you have had an awakening it is impossible to forget what Read More →

Sunrise…No Excuse Necessary

In the wee hours of the morning I found myself driving to Destin, Florida for a morning of diving. The Read More →

The Yin and Yang of Energy Production

The general tendency for humans is to not change until we are forced to…mainly because we don’t want to deal Read More →

The Moon

After listening to hatchling sea turtles half-heartedly dig their way up the nest and rest, I drove home. No emergence Read More →


I watched a movie on Netflix called, The Chosen One. It was about a man who was struggling with his Read More →

Wildlife….Two Sides of a Story

Today I received a text from my friend and sea turtle team leader than one of our nests had been Read More →


Nest sitting for sea turtles has the reward of helping insure baby loggerheads find their way safely to the Gulf Read More →

A Healthy Dose of Nature

Sometimes a bit of nature helps me find balance, especially when I have sudden and unexpected emotions pop up. Things Read More →

Focusing with Intention

  I was standing at the barre on tip toe on one foot with the other leg and foot straight Read More →