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Bring in the Light

I awakened this morning thinking of the Solstice…yesterday’s Solstice.¬†Geez…I didn’t even mark the event, I thought but then quickly realized Read More →

I Choose Love

The past week’s meditations have been about connecting with animals…wildlife and domesticated. It has been challenging.¬†Once we determine to be Read More →

Pivotal Point…Dear Mr. President

I wrote a friend of mine a few days ago a heartfelt message summed up in one line to him–“I Read More →

Radical Joy for Hard Times

A few years ago I spent a week with Joanna Macy and a wonderful group of folks working together to Read More →

When Technology Outgrows Conscience

In my cross-training efforts the elliptical trainer provides an opportunity to catch up on TED talks. While I whirl and Read More →

Requiem for the Pelicans

I just read that nine pelicans at Gulf State Park Pier were found dead this weekend. Park officials suspect someone Read More →

Blue Heart of the Planet

When the weather doesn’t cooperate with my exercise plans I use the elliptical trainer. I’ve been watching TED talks while Read More →

The Flowering of Love

“When a woman awakens to the beauty/power within her she will bloom as a flower she has always been and Read More →

In Training: Learning from the Animals

Two days of passively observing brown pelicans at very close proximity helped me get through Basic Orientation: Animal Life 101. Read More →