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I am a photographer and writer and focus on the relationship between nature and humans. My life's work is dedicated to increasing awareness of the sacredness of all life and helping humans become caring, compassionate planetary stewards.

BP Says Oil Spill is Tiny

The CEO of BP told a British newspaper that the oil flow in the Gulf is ‘relatively tiny’ in a Read More →

Watching An Admiral Dance on Oil-Slick Water

Reporter–So how toxic is this dispersant being used on the oil? Rear Admiral Mary Laundry–We have approved the use of Read More →

The Wildlife Death Toll….Thus Far

Eighteen birds, 87 sea turtles, 6 dolphins have been recovered dead. Seven birds have been treated and two have been Read More →

What do you see in this video? Charles Wohlforth posted this on his blog. It’s ice in the Arctic overcoming a drilling island. His question is Read More →

Sea Turtles

My favorite ocean creatures are sea turtles. I have observed loggerheads, hawksbills, and green turtles while diving and their slow-moving Read More →

My voice, your voice

I was reminded today that each of us has our own, unique voice. Words you use might be different from Read More →

A Personal Issue–A Question

I realize I am taking the oil flow/spill and the resulting environmental catastrophe very personally. I was discussing this with Read More →


One of my friends keeps reminding me to breathe. I hadn’t realized that I’d been holding my breath but looking Read More →

Number Crunching

When the oil rig blew out on April 20th sea water rocketed 240 feet into the air before methane gas Read More →

The Smell of Money

Years ago my grandfather told me that the smell of cow manure or pig manure was the smell of money. Read More →