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I am a photographer and writer and focus on the relationship between nature and humans. My life's work is dedicated to increasing awareness of the sacredness of all life and helping humans become caring, compassionate planetary stewards.


The cool dawn called to me this morning. In the gray light, before the sun peeked over the mountains, I Read More →

Weeping for the World

Music to Read By This morning I sat weeping for the birds, oysters, shrimp, crabs….for us all. As I breathed Read More →

The Picture Gets Clearer

This morning came in with force and grabbed me by my tee shirt and shook me awake. Two things happened Read More →

Where is CNN now?

Today I walked through the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge so that I could access the beach there. “They” still Read More →

On the Surface

Today I visited Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This site was heavily oiled a few weeks ago Read More →

Humanity–Definitions to Ponder

When I was growing up I was proud to be a part of humanity because I felt like it truly Read More →

Sixty Seconds

We all enjoy pretty things. Beautiful beaches, healthy birds, smiling sea turtles, children playing in the white sand. Who wouldn’t Read More →

Chemical Soup

Last night I attended a presentation by four scientists on air quality issues related to the BP Gulf Oil Crisis. Read More →


Today I visited the Theodore, Alabama, Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. For the first time since first coming back to Alabama Read More →

The Big Disconnect

Imagine seeing this on the beach, smelling almost overwhelming heated diesel smell, and watching people in protective gear cleaning the Read More →