Pachamama Earth Healing Meditations

Pachamama Earth Healing Meditations

This series of meditations or pathworkings was written by Simone Lipscomb and Brian Marum and narrated by Brian. It was created to be a tool for those wishing to add positive energy and healing for Mother Earth. Originally a group participated together. Members  were scattered over the planet and we planned a day and time where we would each, in our own space, do the meditation. By gathering together we amplified the workings; however, they can be done any time as solitary practitioners or in a group. A suggestion would be to do these guided meditations in a group setting as when two or more are gathered the energy is indeed amplified. Regardless, we collaborated as a gift of love for the planet.

We work with Pachamama, a goddess of Peru who is an earth goddess. Also, we work with the archangels of the four directions: Raphael in the East, Michael in the South, Gabriel in the West and Uriel in the North. In addition we work with the elemental rulers for each of the elements including Paralda of the Sylphs in the East, Djinn of the Salamanders in the South, Nixsa of the Undines of the West and Ghob of the Gnomes in the North. If these names and the tradition is unfamiliar we encourage you to do a bit of research and learn more about working with the elemental beings of Nature. This is a time when we really need to do as much as possible to connect with Nature and work together to help balance human actions and behaviors.

Session One: Alignment with Mother Earth

Session Two: Rainforest Healing

Session Three: Australia

Session Four: Himalayas

Session Five: Ocean Healing

Session Six: Balancing the Work