A Gentle Soul

I met this female spotted dolphin in Bimini last year. The number of spots grow as they age so I thought of her as a matriarch of the pod. She befriended me, pushed against me to steer me into the pod. I felt adopted by this gentle soul. She included me in the gathering of over thirty dolphins…mostly mothers and their calves. I feel so fortunate when I have encounters such as this and never, ever take them for granted. Perhaps even more amazing was I entered the water with a pretty nasty headache. She swam up to me and used her sonar on me. A loud series of clicks echoed in my cranium. I could actually feel them bouncing around in there. She repeated this behavior twice. We went on to enjoy a nice swim together and after exiting the water, I realized there was no headache. Maybe she was the Medicine Dolphin…the Shaman of the Pod.

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